List of Services

Link Title, LLC is a real estate title company that provides mobile services in Mobile, Washington, Clarke, and Baldwin counties of Alabama.  Our services include title insurance, closing and escrow services, and title search reports for residential transactions.

Title Search

Title searches involve searching public records related to the property to accurately identify the rightful owner of the property.  This service is used to clear any title defects as it relates to the property.

Closing Services

Perform title research and write title opinion, issue title insurance and provide other services related to title search and title insurance. Provide escrow services. Prepare all documents for closing. Facilitate residential closings and filings. Link Title will also provide ancillary services such as notary and quiet title services.


A deed is a document that transfers ownership from one owner grantor to the new owner or grantor.  Link Title is knowledgable with drafting and recording various deeds including but not limited to:  Warranty Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds, Transfer on Death Deeds, Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship.  An experienced attorney is available to assist with your understanding of these documents.  

Title Insurance

Link Title provides title insurance to protect your rights as it relates to your property.  Our underwriter is Alliant National Title Insurance.